Pilkington fitting network

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A number of 14 Pilkington contracted fittingstations across Bulgaria are offering more than 250 usual models by online offer and schedule of the job with e-mail confirmation. Choose now a location and use our online scheduling!

Pilkington windshields – all types of windscreens and accessories

Welcome to the official website of Pilkington windshields and accessories. Pilkington Automotive is the largest distributor of windscreens worldwide for car manufacturers, as well as for end customers.

In Pilkington we provide the following services:

– Production and distribution of all types car glass, accessories needed for fitting, such as trims, urethane and tools.

– Uninstalling of a cracked particular windscreen, sidelight or backlight of your car and installing new windscreens.

– A wide Fitting network with number of distributors and glass-fitters.

– We work with variety of insurance companies, if you have a comprehensive (own damage) insurance policy.

– We offer cooperation of independent glass-fitters. If you have a glass fitting business contact us here

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